Originally conceived as a site-specific piece for temporary installation at the foot of the Geometric Staircase of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Perspectives has subsequently embarked on cross-European journey, its third waypoint being the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. For a few weeks in October 2015, the metal hemisphere and concave crystal lens were reunited in the Museum’s entrance hall, immediately below the cupola. Designed in the grand imperial tradition and combining monumental scale with an abundance of neo-baroque decoration, the immediate impression is of a dizzyingly rich visual field. Here, as in its previous locations, the piece quietly gathered information and offered it back to the viewer, acting as much as a tool for curating space as for looking at it in fresh ways.

With the support of
The Swarovski Foundation

Project Team
Mark Treharne, Alison Morris, Reginald Verspreeùwen

Gilbert McCarragher