Kitchen System II

Two and half decades ago, John Pawson created his first kitchen for Obumex, applying the discipline and spatial preoccupations that have consistently shaped his architecture. A new commission from Obumex presented a fresh opportunity to reflect deeply both on the original Pawson kitchen and on kitchen design more broadly. The consequence is a design that draws on the same refined, pared back architectural language of its previous incarnation, but introduces important new elements of vocabulary. Alongside the retained heft of the original work top, the reworked design sets a series of evolutions that include the cantilever, the attenuated central support, the sitting area and reimagined cabinetry and shelves. Importantly the new design takes further the idea of composing flexible and atmospheric living space from a series of elements that are more like furniture than conventional kitchen components.

Project Team
Stefan Dold, Francisco Marques, Max Gleeson

Amit Geron

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