Claridge’s ArtSpace & Café

The Claridge’s ArtSpace and Café
embody the conceptually innovative
notion of establishing a permanent
gallery, café and store selling art books
and prints within a luxury hotel.

The Café acts as a foyer for the
ArtSpace. The architectural language
of this multifunctional space has been
shaped by three factors: the aesthetic
of minimalism, the idea of Claridge’s
and the reality of the existing structure.
Its unique sense of place and atmosphere
is underscored by a refined but elemental
palette of plaster, stone, timber and brass.

A new staircase leads down from the
Café to the Art Space, located in the
hotel’s refurbished Victorian basement.
With a ceiling height of nearly 4m and
a footprint of 27m x 10m, the gallery is
an expansive white box space with art lighting, white walls and a pale grey terrazzo floor.

John Pawson Team
Stefan Dold, Stéphane Orsolini, Nina Ismar, Nora Szüts

Images courtesy of Claridge's